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Summer Camp in Seattle

We giggled like little school girls and shared secrets like we were at summer camp.   Every topic was fair game...no question off limits. I met them on Tuesday morning and by Friday when I left, they knew the ins and outs of my life...things that normally takes me years into a friendship to share.  Friendships like this are rare.  Jenna said it so well when she commented on my blog yesterday...

"I just love you. You know that! I am proud that the Lord brought us together and created a sacred friendship in which we can be the most vulnerable and honest..."

I flew to Seattle, WA to participate in an online workshop...but I came away with friendships that challenge me, make me laugh sooo incredibly hard, and make me share my life with them without fear. I love you girls so much and can't wait to see you again! Miss you crazies. :)

Here are just a few shots on our day exploring Seattle!
Beautiful Ashlee of Ashlee Layne Photography...look at you!! Such a babe!! ;)
Jenna with Photographs by Jenna Leigh...you are a kindred spirit and I can't wait to go to your workshop! :)

Yasmine with Yasmine Sarai Photography...see you in March my dear!

 This guy saw I was taking a picture and did a handstand! Not usually the reaction I get! Kind of awesome.

 The original Starbucks!

This gentleman serenaded us with a song he sang to his wife on their wedding day over 35 years ago.

 My roommies and dear friends...Yasmine, Jenna, and Ashlee.  You truly made the week amazing and it's just the beginning of something great. :)


Emilia Jane said...

What an amazing trip! I can't wait to see how this changes and grows your business too :-D

heidi said...

Love all the pictures!!

Yasmin Sarai said...

Sweet words from a sweet friend :) and yes, see you in March! xo

-joy said...

I love this post and am so glad of this experience. Hopefully we can all room or meet up in March. I want to giggle with you. :-)

Amanda Miller said...

Sounds like an amazing trip on so many levels! Yay!

Jenna Leigh said...

ugh, i adore you. i think you are one of the most beautiful humans i have had the pleasure of meeting and i can't wait to giggle my way to good abs with you in a matter of months. i think you are lovely, even if there are photos of me stuffing my face with bread on your blog - you earned it! xo

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