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Taking time for two

He's the center of their world...their little man.  It was obvious to me as I shot their Legacy Session, just how much they adored their little boy, and with little wonder...his big brown eyes melted me instantly. 

As we prodded, played, and followed around their precious boy, I kept looking at Daman + Reema, and thinking, "I wonder if they know what a beautiful couple they are".  The wedding photographer in me was secretly hoping she'd ask if I could get a couple shots of she and her husband.

...you see, I love it when I'm photographing a family, and the couple, this team who is battleling out parenthood together, takes time for two.  Often in shoots, as in life, the focus is all on the beauty that are the children...but when a couple takes a moment to ask if I could "get just a couple shots of us"...nothing thrills me more.  It's always my goal in the next 5 min. to capture something, a feeling...a reminder...that he may be the father of her baby, and she, the mother of his son, but she's still the bride he promised to adore, and he the man she fell in love with.

Thanks, Daman + Reema, for asking me to take time out for the two of you.



Rebekah said...

this was great Tam!! love this shot! they are a lovely couple!

smw said...

so sweet.

Kyle and Trish said...

The look on his face is so great!

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