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Breathing a Little Deeper

I was going through some pictures today and I came across this one that my dear friend Jenna took of me while in Seattle this February...
I think we were making plans for our day.  I'm guessing Ashlee was saying something to make me blush.  I was laughing...and probably blushing. ;)

I don't have anything profound to say...Just that I like this picture because it reminds me of a real life moment of being extremely content and happy.  Do you ever look at a picture and think, "I'd like to be that person..."

I do that when I look at this picture....
...particularly when I let myself get really busy and feel a little overwhelmed.  So, on this Wednesday, I'm going to go brew a cup of coffee and remind myself to breathe a little deeper and to find things to laugh about even through the craziness that summer can bring!

Have a fabulous Wednesday and here's to laughing at silly little nothings...which are often the best of things in life. :)


~Christy said...

Love this photo Tami! Here's to breathing deeper! :)

Amanda said...

Smiling and happy...yes! I always want to be that person!

alisonsutter said...

Thanks Tam! I suppose that's my cue to take a deep breath. I think I will sit and look at this picture for a minute, because it brings back great memories of late night chats.

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