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We Danced

I was watching everyone else dance...camera hung around my neck.  I was working a Great Gatsby themed charity event and secretly wishing I had permission to be out there on the floor dancing the Charleston with my friends.  But I didn't even consider putting my camera down because I was there to work.

Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun, and I was having fun watching them...comfortable behind my lens.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, two of my friends, Andre and Leslie came up to me...they didn't even ask...Andre just took my camera from me and handed it to Leslie.  I'm pretty certain I heard myself say about 100 "no, no, no...I can't. I'm working"'s...but he didn't seem to care.  Leslie smiled and said, "You need to dance!"
I was going through images today as I was editing and came across this image that Leslie had caught...and I just had to thank Andre and Leslie...and all the friends in life that that don't wait for me to ask...they just give me permission to dance.

I loved this...and want to always remember the pure delight in putting life down from time to time just to take the time to enjoy it.

Have a great weekend.


leah said...

leslie just told me this story last night! i was hoping i would see one of the images - you look beautiful! glad you got to hit the dance floor! :)

heidi said...

cute picture of you Tam. :)

Daveana said...

What a cute picture of you Tami!

Leslie Ringger said...

haha! this was seriously one of my highlights :) you were so cute tam

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