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Denny + Bonnie {Just 'Cause}

Their love gives me courage.  

I've known Denny and Bonnie for quite some time...since I was a young girl.  Their daughter, Bekah and I were very good friends.  My sister married their son.  They're the grandparents to 5 of my nieces and nephews.  But they are also my friends...and I love them so much.  There are few people in this world that I love as much as them.

There's something about being with Denny and Bonnie that gives me the sense of being home...to be with them gives me this feeling of being in a very safe place...a space where vulnerability is okay...and that's a very profound statement that I don't make a lot.

Their love gives me courage.  

I think we could all say that we've seen relationships lived out well and others, not so well.  I've seen relationships that have made me want to be cynical of love...to swear it off for good...and say that love isn't worth the pain that often seems to come hand in hand.

But Denny and Bonnie live love out well.  Theirs is the kind of love people dream of...it's genuine.  It's giving.  They're best of friends and are still in love...and if love like theirs is possible through the test of time...it gives me courage.  It motivates me to run after that kind of love.

As we walked around and I took pictures, they giggled a lot...we all did.  I think theirs may have been from some nervousness since I'd imagine they don't often get their picture taken together.  They're the grandparents and parents...I imagine they're the ones taking the pictures....but it was time to turn the lens on their relationship, because it's worth noting.  It's worth pausing and seeing love lived out in a way that authors, movie makers, and we all dream of the story ending.
Love like theirs is possible...and needed.  

Denny + Bonnie, 
Thank you for your example of love in our world.  Thanks for giving in to each other when needed and never giving up.  Thank you for holding up a standard of relationships and love in this world for my generation to point to and say, "There's a relationship that gives me courage."  Thanks for loving eachother...and by extention, motivating others to do the same.  I love you both so much and it was an honor to shoot your session, but even more, to be your friend.  


MarknBarb said...

Amen and Amen! Beautiful pictures, beautiful people, beautiful and true words! Thanks Tam you are the very best!

leah said...

yay! tami i 100% agree with your words. d&b are the best. i could just image the giggling during the session (coming from all 3 of you!)! every picture and smile looked familiar b/c that's just who they really are! beautiful images!!

Sarah said...

This will pull the Hoffmann's out of the woodwork! :)

Ahhh! These are so GOOD!! Love them! I love how you said that being with Denny & Bonnie feels like "being home". I was like, wow, you hit the nail on the head.

Love these two. Thanks for sharing Tami!

heidi said...

Agree agree agree!!!! Beautiful EVERYTHING!!!!

Rebekah said...

One of the greatest gifts God has given me is to be privileged to call them Dad and Mom. I love them so much and I LOVE these images!!! You did so good Tam!! And your post was beautiful!

Emilia Jane said...

LOVE this!!!

Abi said...

Everything you said here is right on!! I love Denny and Bonnie and feel like our church family is so blessed to have them! Tam, these pictures are amazing and you captured them so well!

Kasey said...

They are soooo cute! Love them and love these pictures. Great post Tam!

Tim and Em said...

Love.love.love!! Great pics Tami! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tami, You are sooo sweet. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. We really enjoyed having you take our pictures. You are so encouraging. They turned out great. We love you so much too. I feel honored to be your friend and your family.

Denny and Bonnie

Christa said...

This was so sweet! I agree with you, they are a wonderful example! Thanks for sharing!

smw said...

this is a great post of wonderful people. such sweet pics.

Amanda Miller said...

Yessss! To documenting love in the here and now. Just because! Because it's worth documenting. And worth celebrating! yes!

Chelby said...

Love these pictures!! And I love this couple!!

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