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Short, Blonde, Jockey, Twins....you're so lucky.

You know how parents are never supposed to say you're incapable of anything?  They're supposed to believe you can be and do anything you set your mind to?  Well, she tried...I mean, really...my Mom tried.  But one afternoon, we were in the car and she could tell I was sad.  There may have even been tears...I never claim that I was not a dramatic child.  

She said: Tami, what's wrong?
Me: You know how you say we can be anything we want to be?
Mom: Yes!
Me: Well, there's something I can never be that I want to be so badly!
Mom: Tami, there's nothing you can't be if you put your mind to it...
Me: No...I could NEVER be a jockey!!
Mom:....[insert cricket noises]...uh, you're right.  You can probably never be a jockey.

A couple days later...
Me: I thought of something else that makes me so sad that I can never be that I want to be so badly!
Mom: What's that?
Me:  Short.  And a blonde.  And a twin.
Mom: ...You know Tami, I used to want to be those things too and one day I realized something.  Do you know what that was?
Me:  [Suddenly hopeful that she had an answer to my life crises]...what?!?!
Mom:  That I'd just never be any of those things.  And I got over it.

...wow.  Thanks Mom. :)

So here's to all of you short, blonde, jockey, twins...you don't know how lucky you've got it! :)

Thought I'd share an image of this cute little blondie I got to photograph last weekend!


smw said...


Amanda Miller said...

Aw, haha, love this!

Rebekah said...

Leave it to Mommy to always have put it straight! :)

Wendy said...

I love your posts, Tam! In fact I think of your crazy insurance stories every time I see that commercial where the guy is talking to Jake from State Farm and his wife is like she sounds hideous. Anyway, it makes me think of you!

heidi said...

Love it!

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