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5 Best Discoveries of the Summer

It's just incredibly good...and it's right by my gym...so it's either the best or worst combination.  I haven't decided yet.  I feel like it's an exotic version of ordering at Starbucks when I say I'd like a Chicken schwarma sandwich with tapenade sauce.  I feel quite brilliant and cultured. :)

4. A Question by Bombadil 
This one comes by way of my friend, Leslie!! The first time she played it for me, I just laughed! Oh my word...from his awkward whistling and backpedalling...I'm afraid it could be my theme song. :) It's kind of awesome in a very dorky kind of way...

3. Journaling
To be honest, I've never found the value in journaling.  I know that's kind of funny considering I really love writing...but aside from my blog, I just found journaling to be more of a nussance and just one more thing to do...so I didn't.  However, this summer has been a bit of a doozie...just a lot of things going on and a LOT of processing.  At one point, I was feeling pretty emotional and having a hard time thinking through things...that's when my friend Leslie (once again!) suggested I start journaling.  I don't know how to describe it except that it's served as an emotional pain-killer.  Wow...that sounds uber dramatic...so take that down a couple notches and that's how it's felt.  I have written and scribbled and poured my heart out into this book.  Which reminds me, I found my old journals from gradeschool and highschool...let's just say, there's a reason that it's good that I don't journal as a general rule!!  

2. 135mm/2f lens
This one is for my photog friends out there...but I rented this lens for a wedding this summer and fell in love with it!! I was a bit apprehensive about it since what I really wanted was the 70-200mm but this has turned out to be an amazing lens for a fraction of the price!!...Always a great combination!

1. The Himmel House
It's my new apartment with Erin.  It's white inside.  It's clean. It's ours.  It's perfect.  We have a dishwasher.  We love it.  That pretty much sums it up.


leah said...

oh my, that song is SO funny. lol. fun post :)

Rebekah said...

hahaha!!! I love the "OOOOHHHHH!! What DO I SAY NOW?!?!?!" line in the song!! So funny!!

Also, I recently heard a counselor say that if everybody would journal, that we wouldn't need counselors. Made me think I should journal more often like I used to...and yes, there is a reason journals are meant to be private :) Maybe someday you will have the courage to share your 16 year old birthday wish/prayer! :) Just thinking about it makes me laugh out loud!!

And I am so glad you have white clean apartment.

Love you!

Amanda Miller said...

Your new place sounds just delightful!!

Pam said...

I want to come and see your clean, white apartment! And I love the song - very cute!

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