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19 Dresses

Tomorrow I'm going to put on my 19th dress...
...bridesmaid dress that is.

...and yes.  I've seen "27 Dresses"

I remember being little and I heard my aunt talk about some seemingly ancient woman (My guess is she was in her mid 20's! Ha!) who had been a bridesmaid 18 times.  I remember thinking, "I'd like to be a bridesmaid 18 times too."

Note to self:  Make more profound goals in this next stage of life! :)

At about wedding 5, I started getting a lot of similar questions and as I've never blogged about it...and I'm in need of blogging material (I mean, let's be honest, I'm clearly desperate here)...I thought I'd answer the top 10 questions I get from my perspective of 19 dresses:

10. Do you get sick of being in weddings?
Never.  Truly...never.  I was seriously just as touched, surprised, and excited when Kait (wedding this weekend) asked me to be a bridesmaid as I was when Jill (first wedding) asked me.  There is nothing...about being a bridesmaid that I dislike or find annoying.  I never understand it when girls act like it's a chore...as I see it, you get a new dress, you get pampered for a weekend, hang out with fun girls, and get to be near your best friend on one of the best days of her life.  Yep, NOTHING annoying about that...I truly LOVE it every time!!  

9. Do you keep all your dresses?
I did until recently.  It's funny, as someone who is known for throwing things away easily, I'm very sentimental, and as Katherine Heigel says in that movie, "I've had a lot of good times in those dresses"...and there's something very sad about getting rid of them.  But yes, I think I got rid of all but 2 during this last move.

8. Have you ever re-worn a dress?
I re-wore one to an "Oscar Party" we had...but other than that, no, I've never re-worn one.  However, this dress for Kait's, I'm pretty sure I will.  I love it!! It's very cute (More pictures to come next week)...so my advice to future brides when picking a dress, don't pick a dress based on the hopes your friends will re-wear it, 'cause most likely, they won't...so just go with the dress you like!

7. Have you stayed close with all the brides?
I'll make a confession now...I'm terrible at keeping up with friends when I don't see them.  So, I've stayed close with the friends that have kept up with me.  However, all my friends have been the kind where I can "pick up" right where we leave off...so even if it's been a couple years, when I see them, we're right back where we were.

6. You must be a really good friend...
This is more of a statement than a question...but the thing is, I get it a lot and as much as I'd love to say, "Yeah!! That's why I've been in weddings..." it's simply not the case.  I think girls can get super insecure about silly things, so the ones reading this who've never been in a wedding, my guess is that you're an amazing friend...it's just the timing.  I've happened to be very close to a lot of girls when they got married.  Simple as that.  I hope I'm a good friend, but I guess my point is that don't use your bridesmaid count as the degree of how valued you are as a friend...that's just silly. 

5. How will you ever choose bridesmaids for your wedding?
As my dad has said several times, "Don't you need a guy first?"...yes dear Daddy.  So I consider that a bridge not met, thus no need to cross yet kind of situation. :)

4. I bet you have so many great ideas for your wedding?
Yes...it looks something like a courthouse on a Tuesday afternoon. :)  My family wishes I was kidding more than I am.  I've never been someone who imagined their wedding...I don't find those details fun to think about and now that it's part of my job, I think about it even less!

3. Is it hard being a bridesmaid when you're single?
This may sound like an awkward question to get, but it's actually a good question...but not one I'd recommend asking someone unless you know them well. :)  I will be very honest in saying, no...it's not hard...but if it was, I'd have to change my career as well!! 
Here's why it's not difficult...I think you are that day as you are in life.  (Wow, drag out that soapbox, I feel a sermon comin' on!) Weddings weren't meant for people to feel bad that they don't have a significant other...it's just to celebrate the couple that does! It's just not about anyone other than the bride and groom and their families...so as long as you're loving life and thankful for it, then no, it's not hard. (I could do an entire blog on this point, but I'll spare you!)

2. What's your favorite part of the day?
I don't know that it's necessarily my favorite, but there's usually a moment right before we walk down the isle where you look at the bride and you know her life is really going to change forever in a few minutes.  It's always kind of a crazy thought.

1. What makes for a good bride? A good bridesmaid?
It's very simple.  What makes for a good bride is one that remembers what the purpose of the day is.  That it's great to care about the details, but who remembers that at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter.  
What makes for a good bridesmaid is a girl that remembers this day has nothing to do with her and it's all about her friend and celebrating with her.

I can't give away the whole dress, but here's just a peek at number #19...



sarah said...

And here I thought 9 was a good size number but you got me way beat:) Regardless, I definitely can share your sentiments. Especially numbers 3 and 10. Have fun this weekend!

Christen Leigh said...

Wow 19! That is insane. They should make a movie about you.... :) So fun to see you this weekend--you looked gorgeous and are always a joy to be around.

zeng zixuan said...

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