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I'm splessed.

I like to walk in the rain.
I prefer my coffee black...because that's how my dad drinks it.
I always say, "yes" to traveling...this world was meant to be seen.
I get embarrassed when I cry.
I laugh easily...too easily, too loudly, and too long at times.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
If I love you, I want to tell you...but I don't always know how, so sometimes I don't.
I dAnCE awKwaRdLy...and a lot...but usually just when I'm alone.
I say, "Oh my word!"...a loooooot!!!
I'm not always brave.
I wish I was...always.

I can't say "I've learned..."
I can say "I'm learning..."
I'm learning to chase what scares me.
I'm learning that hope is a good amazing gift.
I'm learning that it's okay to fail...hard.
I'm learning that it's okay to succeed.
I'm learning to trust my gut.
I'm learning that "no" is sometimes the best answer...and yet, the most difficult to say.

I've been shown great grace.
I'm happy.
I'm free.
I'm feeling splessed. :)
I'm thankful.


Kasey said...

Love this! Miss you!

Rebekah said...

one of my greatest splessings is you. love you Tam.

heidi said...

LOVE the picture and can't wait to see more! I agree with Bek!!!!

Erin said...

I read your 50 questions post and one question was 'when was the last time you doodled?' for whatever reason that one stuck with me and so yesterday when I was meeting with the board I spent as much time doodling as I could:). Have a lovely weekend. Love and Blessings from JA!

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