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Sean + Bobbi Jo {Wedding}

Laughter.  That's the word that comes to mind when I think of Sean + Bobbi Jo...just a LOT of laughter.  I was touched by how they love easily...it seems like a simple concept, especially on a wedding day...but theirs goes beyond just the celebration of the day...

You can tell what matters to the bride and groom on wedding day...different people have different things that are important...and with Sean and Bobbi Jo, I walked away feeling that they wanted their family to know they were loved, and that they were just plain crazy in-love with each other.

Yeah...I really believe in these two...not just to "make it" as some would say...but I imagine them sitting together somewhere 50 years from now with just as much delight in the other...still finishing sentences, Bobbi Jo saying something and Sean laughing hysterically at her, thinking she was cuter than the day he married her.  Yeah, I believe in that future for them.

Sean + Bobbi Jo...
I've thought about you both during this past year and there hasn't been a single part of me that has hesitated or wondered how you're marriage has been.  I saw it and I am confident that your friendship and love will continue to grow.  Thanks so much for you love and kindness to me and for letting me document your day!

All the best...


Becca B said...

Well done, Tami.
It was a beautiful day!

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