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Joe + Nicole {Wedding}

They are just soooo incredibly cute and endearing.  I know that may sound funny to use those words for two adults, but it's true.  From the first time we met in Panera, to their engagement pictures and through the wedding day, I just kept looking at Joe + Nicole and thinking how they are just about the cutest couple I've seen.

Theirs is the kind of friendship and love that I think people look at and want...love like this exists, just in case you were ever in doubt.  They laugh easily, genuinely enjoy the other, and I just wanted to sit back and watch them because there's something about how they love, that drew me in...
 Quite possibly one of the sweetest "first looks" I've seen...seriously.
Nicole, I mean really...how do you do it?...B.E.A-utiful.

You're no average Joe. :) 

 Joe + Nicole...
Thank you...no, really.  Thank you for letting me document your day.  It was a pleasure from beginning to end.  Even though it rained, it was really a beautiful day and I am so incredibly happy for you both!! I'm excited for your future...keep in touch. :)

Much love.

A really big thanks to Larissa who second shot this wedding with me...you were a rockstar and I was honored to have you by my side. :)


heidi said...

One of my favorite weddings you've done! Such an adorable couple!

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