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I needed them...

 I didn't even know how much, until I found myself, week after week opening up my heart and life to this group of women.

It's strange to think that I hadn't known any of them 3 months ago.  I remember sitting in my car before the first small group meeting.  I whispered a quick prayer...something consisting of asking for a safe place, true friends, and growth...and then finished it with, "Well, let's do this..."

I walked into a room that night with 17 other women who were just faces to me, but by time I walked out that evening, I knew I'd found a group of the most beautiful, courageous, and inspiring women.

The past few months have consisted of Tuesday evenings filled with raw...absolute raw honesty in it's most beautiful form.  I have opened up to points that have surprised even myself, but there was never any fear in it because I was always met with love.  I watched these beautiful souls bare it all, fall apart, stand up, and battle through doubts and fears.  I can't even express how it touched my heart to the deepest core.

As we closed out the semester by having a Christmas party and encouraging each other, I knew my prayer had been answered.  He'd given me a safe place to be broken open, 17 new friends that I have NO DOUBT would show up for me if I ever needed them, and growth...growth in faith, love, and honesty.  But something I hadn't asked for, but He gave me (as was brought up during the evening) was healing...in areas I hadn't even realize were wounded.

I look at these couple pictures I took last night and have this feeling of overwhelming gratitude...I never deserved such a beautiful community of girls...and I don't take this gift for granted...not for a second.
We had a little honorary member of our group who stole our hearts every time.
We're missing Kelly who wasn't able to come to the party...and we missed her!!
So, dear Jeanne, Sara, Arona, ReAnne, Lindsay, Kim, Chris, Bri, Steph, Audrey, Ashley, Cara, Jayme, Hannah, Julie, Melissa, and Kelly...

You have each one, in your very own way, touched my heart.  As I sat and wrote your names down and wrote words that came to mind, there was not a single one of you that I struggled to think of how you'd touched my life and how I'd love to emulate yours in some way.

All my love to each of you.

Here's to choosing Faith over Fear...


Daish said...

I love this group of girls, and I don't even know them. :)

heidi said...

I'm so glad you have this group of ladies!! Looks like such good times.

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