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New Years Resolution

If you're like me, you sat down before the New Year and made a list of resolutions that when reading over, you were like, "Yes!!! I LOVE future me!!"  You could see yourself at the end of 2014 giving yourself a very high-five because you totally rocked out your year...

Then you remembered last year's resolutions...and the year before that...and maybe the year before that...and start to realize that your resolutions are sounding like a broken record (or vinyl for all you hipsters out there ;)).  Maybe not.  If you high-fived yourself instead, come find me 'cause I will blow noise makers and dance a tango in your honor 'cause I would be inspired.  According to statistics I heard yesterday, you'd be among 8% of the resolution makers. That's an impressive feat, and I applaud you!! 

However, as I looked at my list, I decided to change something this year...

I want to be realistic, but I'm also an incurable optimist in some ways and refuse to believe I can't change.  As I sat looking at a blank page, I changed my resolutions from a To-Do list to 3 words.  I asked myself, "How do I want to feel at the end of 2014?" I wrote these down:

  • Peace-filled
  • Joyful
  • Open-heart

Those became my resolutions.  I decided to set those three words at the forefront of my mind when making decisions in work, relationships, and responsibilities.  I'm fully aware that these three words wont describe every day of my year, but I'd like them to describe my year.

After writing these words down, I then asked myself, "What action do I take to lead to feeling these three words?"  What's the root to being peace-filled? Because life is still chaotic.  How do I choose joy?  Because life will still be difficult and sad at times.  How do I stay open and soft?  Because when I see pain on the horizon, I'm going to want to build walls and "toughen up" my heart.

...and I realized it's love.  I'm never filled with peace, joy, and openness when I'm focused on myself.  I find that those three attributes come as a result of love.  So I changed my list one more time:

Resolution: Peace-filled, Joyful, Open-hearted
Action: Learn what it means to love well.

My mom once told me, "Tami, there is one thing that we all have in common, no matter race, age, religion, social status, country, or language...we all want to be loved."

I believe her.

I want to be seen...to be known.  And in turn, I want to see...to know.  So this is the year where I am on a pursuit to learn what it means to love well.  I have specific goals I've written in this resolution (I know the ambiguity of this is driving my logical and analytical friends out there crazy! So take a breath...I've got some sense of order to this :)).

I'm going to be honest, I'm a little scared...but excited.  I know I will fail at this more than I succeed...but I'm telling you this because at the end of 2014, I want us to high-five to loving well.


Kait H. said...

seriously though Tam you are already all three of those things! you have the biggest heart and love unconditionally! i learn from you daily and wish to be more like you!
love you! :)

Emilia Jane said...

LOVE those goals. I feel quite similarly.

Christen Leigh said...

Great aspirations! It is amazing the problems that could be eliminated if I focused on loving well. :)

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