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Earthquake! We're having an earthquake!

I realize that I'm about to lose major credibility...but this is so funny to me!! 
The guy's face!!  

Oh my word...
it gets funnier each time I watch it...
which has been...well...a lot.



kait Lawson said...

im laughing so hard i can't even handle it.. it was literally an earthquake that lasted for about 2.5 seconds hahahahahaha

FREE2bME said...

this.is.hilarious!!!! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that you do not live in earthquake country. The very first rule is to get under something sturdy, like the desk, and wait until you are sure that it won't get worse. Some earthquakes build in intensity and length. It is impossible from the first shaking to detemine if it will be a 25 second quake or longer than a minutes.

Rebekah said...

thanks for the lesson on earthquakes anonymous...you obviously don't know Tami's background...she lived in Japan (truly earthquake country) for 6 years of her childhood and was in multiple earthquakes there.

Tam, it's become obvious to me that it must be the Japanese in us that makes us laugh at stuff like this...must be why it was considered humorous in Japan to replay videos of people's reactions in earthquakes when they don't end in disaster. I'm going to embrace my Japanese half today and say thank goodness I can laugh and not be SO SERIOUS all the time.

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