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TamiGrami: Change

It's the weekend...and so, you know what that means...:)


The word for this week is:

Here's the explanation ...

I post a word.

...no explanation.

Just a word.

You can take the word however you want, and take an Instagram picture representing that word.

*You can follow me on Instagram by Clicking HERE or finding me at @tami_paige 


And from last time,
the phrase was "Warm"...

The random pick was from my sister, Rebekah @rebekahkfmn 
I laughed when I realized this was the random draw 'cause I may or may not have gone on to Bek how creepy I find sourdough starters.  Did you know you feed those things?! Ew. She said it was like watching over a baby.
But...this picture is making me eat my words...I may have to taste your bread when I'm home next...just to make sure it's worth this madness! So until then, feed that nasty baby! ...or, uh...something that sounds more appropriate. :)

...and then I personally just also decided to feature Kim's picture from @kimikalii because I just loved this picture!! I've always said there's something about that California light that makes me think of peaches 'n' cream...the perfect combination of white and gold.  Beautiful image, Kim!! 


Be sure that when you take the picture... 
hashtag: #tamigrami 
tag me @tami_paige 

so we can easily see eachother's images 
and so I can also see the images if you're images are private.  

I will pick a picture randomly 
(this is NOT a contest...so don't be worried or stressed! ha!)
post it to my blog!!  

Here's to another week of #TamiGramis.


Rebekah said...

Tam...you are so funny...I will keep feeding the nasty baby. That sounds so so creepy!!! Even worse when I say I finish it off by baking it and eating it (scream!!) But it is delicious and you will have to try a slice! And the pic you picked is absolutely beautiful!

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