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My T5 Oscar Dresses

This past Sunday was the 2014 Oscars...and as I was out to dinner with my friends, I didn't watch them.  However, I have since looked up who won and the dresses that were worn.  I can't say I'm a fashionista...but, I do like it and there's something about a beautiful ball-gown that can definitely make me swoon a bit!

Each year when the Oscars roll around, I try and decide which gown I would have worn had I attended. So, if you haven't seen the dresses from this year already, it's probably because you don't care about that sort of thing.  And for the rest of us that do, I won't post all the dresses again...just my top 5 favorite picks. :)

So coming in 5th place was Jennifer Lawrence.  If I were to have a signature color, it would most likely be red.  I'm always drawn to it and so the color paired with the peplum...I thought she looked very elegant.  I thought she had a very old school glamour about her which I loved!

The dress in 4th place was worn by Jenna Dewan-Tatum.  When I saw it I thought, I'd wear that dress. When it comes to the Oscars, I'm a little partial to the goldish understated color, but accented with the sparkle...I really loved it.  Not to mention that it just looked really great with her coloring...I thought she looked beautiful.

Number 3 was Lupita Nyong'o.  I honestly can't say if I loved this because of the dress or because it was Lupita wearing it.  I've watched her interviewed about 3 times, and each time, there is something so extremely elegant about her that absolutely draws me in.  She has this beautiful accent, she uses the most eloquent words, and she is just almost mesmerizing to me...not to mention that I think she's also one of the most visually stunning actresses in hollywood right now.  The color of the dress, the flow of it, and even the way she carried it was so beautiful.

I'm almost embarrassed that Kim Kardashian is coming in second place as I don't usually have good things to say about her fashion sense...however, I kind of LOVED everything about this dress.  As I said, I LOVE the color red, and I also really just loved the dress and how it was so elegant...it suprised me that she wore this dress.  I even love how her hair is down and relaxed, no jewelry...just the red lip. I really really loved this look and I absolutely would have chosen this dress but ended up going with...

Guiliana Rancic in first place.  The reason I chose this for my No. 1 pick is because it seemed very Oscar appropriate in that it was a little more glitz and glam than Kim's red dress.  I thought she looked like a doll in it, and even her hair up just makes it a little more formal.  I love the look of a fitted bodice and puffy skirt like this...and let's face it, I just really like Guiliana so she does very little wrong with me. :) So my Oscar dress pick goes to her, and this is the dress I would have worn...although, I keep looking back at the red dress...so it's a pretty close toss-up!

There it is...5 min. of your life reading this post you can't get back...:)

Happy Tuesday!


leah said...

this was really fun! :) reminds me of our oscar party we had back in the day!

J Gutwein said...

Tami.. I just linked you in my last post in which I stole your idea of a Top 5. I also adore Lupita & Giuliana ;)!

smw said...

love looking at gowns. I'm often amazed when they have so much money, so many of them choose such boring stuff. I ADORE #3. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun read Tami! I missed them, so I liked your recap. Isn't Lupita amazing?! I haven't seen Twelve Years A Slave, but def want to. I've heard Kim is going a bit more natural, and it suits her...ok...I admit it...I watch the show😁. And lastly, Jenna had the best accessories;).

Bri Allen said...

Love this! Kate Hudson was definitely in my top 5. :)

Rebekah said...

I love number three too!! And I recently heard her interviewed on one of my podcasts...she was so humble and so interesting too. Fun to put a face with the cool accent. :)

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