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This. This Inspires Me {ReMoved}

This video is a little intense for a Friday post...but I really wanted to share it because of my response when I watched it.  It wasn't even the visuals (although, they did a really good job with those) as much as it was the words the little girl is narrating.  It literally made me ache from my heart all the way to the skin on the tips of my fingers.

I don't think there's anything as profound or touches me deeper than people's stories.

So yes, this...this inspires me....in so many ways.


Rebekah said...

thats powerful and heart wrenching. I actually could barely watch the opening scene...where she's dressing her little brother with the screaming in the background. I wanted to turn it off...just like every precious little child wants to turn that screaming off when they live with it. Oh how the Father's heart must grieve when he sees what sin does to the innocent.

leah said...

ehh, i watched this. i agree, something about her voice telling the story stirred something inside my soul. break our heart for what breaks Yours!

Daniel & Kasey said...

Just watched this last night... so heart-breaking because its so true. Thanks for sharing, Tam.

Tami said...

Yes. I've watched it a few times now and each time, I keep thinking, "I want to know the mom's story"...because I would think she'd be saying almost the exact same words to herself that her daughter is saying. I can't hep but think her story could be very similar to this little girl's, and that breaks my heart just as much.

L, Ann and boys said...

I can't watch it again...I've seen it once and i've known several foster care situation that are too real-too close to my heart...so I can't handle getting sad all over again a second time. :/ Very powerful video.

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