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Random Thoughts: Sriracha, Floppy discs + Clarence Thomas

Someone said to me the other day, 
"I'd like to live in your thoughts for a day...or maybe an hour." 
Not sure why they shortened the time by 23 hours before even taking a breath. :)  So I thought, I'd just write random thoughts I have.


No, not warning.

REQUEST: Please still be my friends after reading this. 

  • I'm obsessed with taking showers...it may be a problem.
  • I just tasted Sriracha sauce for the first time.
  • I have no idea how to spell Sriracha.
  • My roommate compared keeping up with me to playing a game of Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
  • I awarded her many "cool points" for that reference.  
  • I lost many "cool points" for talking about playing that game on floppy discs.
  • I find myself constantly frustrated at the lack of emojis needed when texting.
  • I'm considering drawing my own emojis.
  • I always feel a little uneasy that I don't know Morse Code...I think I should learn it.
  • I'm never certain how to pronounce "Gyros"
  • Yesterday, when I was asked, "What are you thinking about?", I had to honestly reply, "Clarence Thomas".
  • I keep looking at my bike wondering how it would go if I tried to ride it to the gym in this snow.
  • ...Then I imagine the ride...and I decide to drive.
  • I get described as QuirkY...a lot.  I wonder why that is until I hear myself saying that I made it a point to know how to click my heels before going to Ireland.  That was a moment that Oprah would describe as "Aha!"
  • The other day, I was asking Siri a question and she responded with, "That's not very nice"...wasn't sure how to respond.
  • I've now read over this list of thoughts and am a little embarrassed that it only took me aprox. 7 minutes to write this post.

Happy Thursday friends...hope you feel a little more normal after reading this. ;)


Anonymous said...

Two things
I miss your quirky self
And I don't know who Clarence Thomas is!?

Tami said...

I miss you too my friend!! :) And Clarence Thomas is a Supreme Court judge...yep. I'm still that girl. :)

Lauren Wakefield said...

Amazing. You're the best!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I googled it after I typed previous comment, and you're right..I wasn't surprised:)

emilykate said...

Loved this. :) and I agree, never the emoji I want!

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