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TamiGrami: Warm

It's the weekend...and so I thought we'd do another week of

The word for this week is:

Here's the explanation ...

post a word/phrase.

...no explanation.

Just a phrase.

You can take the phrase however you wantand take an Instagram picture representing that phrase.


Be sure that when you take the picture... 
hashtag: #tamigrami 
tag me @tami_paige 

so we can easily see eachother's images 
and so I can also see the images if you're images are private.  

I will pick a picture randomly 
(this is NOT a contest...so don't be worried or stressed! ha!)
post it to my blog!!  

*You can follow me on Instagram by Clicking HERE or finding me at @tami_paige 

And from last week...
the phrase was "That's Good" or "That's not Good".

The random draw was Jon + Amy's...

@jonyamy under "That's NOT good"

My personal sidenote: Those eyes.  That's it...those eyes. :)

And then I specifically chose my friend @kristizobrist for "That's Good"
because her little guy decided he wanted to arrive 9 1/2 weeks early, so the fact that both he and his mom are doing well is EXTREMELY good!! Welcome to our world little man...so glad to have you here! 

Here's to another week of TamiGramis...:)



emilykate said...

So fun! I like when you do these. This week's is perfect because by the end up the week I will be somewhere WARM! :)

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