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50 questions: Part I

So, several months ago, I found this list of 50 questions.  I don't remember why or where I found them...but I've been carrying them around with me since and have made many people answer them.  With some people, we get through them in an evening...with others, it's taken months.

I used to ask James Lipton's infamous 10 questions (which I still love to do)...and now have mixed his questions in with this list of 50 I carry.

It's funny because I have answered these questions SO MANY TIMES at this point, and yet, I find that my answers are different almost every time.  So, I thought it would be kind of fun if once a month, I'd post a couple of my questions from the list. You can comment on here or via Facebook with your answers and (by random draw) one person will get a $5 Starbucks gift card! It's always just more fun with prizes. ;)  And just to make it fair, I'll always answer the question as well.

So here is we go...

1. What are your nickcnames?  What do you prefer to be called?
Wow...my nicknames.  Well, I've always been a very big fan of nicknames.  I give them to people a lot and also get them from people.  'Tami' is actually a nickname as my full name is Tamika.  So, in Japan, I'd get called Tami-chan which was a nickname.  My friend's dad calls me Tamika, which I always like as well.  My nicknames include:
(one that I can't say! ha!)
Tommy...thanks for the reminder, Jenna! ;)
My most recent one was Tami-Wami...and I think the full thing goes something like Tam-Bam-Thank you-Mam...or something like that. ;)

I can't say that I prefer one over another.  I don't mind being called just Tami, but I always notice and like it when someone calls me by a nickname.  My Dad has always called me Tam-Tam, and now my brother-in-law calls me that as well.  If I had to name one, that would probably be my favorite just because it's been the one I've had the longest...but they're all good. ;)

2. What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
Last year, I bought a book called Wartime Letters...I think! I haven't been able to find it, and it makes me so sad 'cause I started it and thought it was fascinating!!!  It's just a book of letters that were written back and forth during war beginning from the Revolutionary War up until Dessert Storm I believe.  So, if I could find it, that would be my book I really want to read.  I just finished Love Does a little bit ago and started a book called Letters to a Young Poet.

Okay! Your turn!!


Amanda Miller said...

Love this idea! Keep it coming girlie!

Jenna Leigh said...

Ummm… you left of Tommy - let's be honest, it's your favorite.


Ashlee Strickler said...

Bahahaha Jenna! You beat me to the punch! I was looking for tommy and it was NOWHERE. Love you babes.

Mindy said...

Wow girl, you have a LOT of nicknames!

My Nicknames: Minders, Mom, Mommy, MOM!, Honey, Babe and Sexy (you gotta have a little fun when you're married!). ;)

Books: My Bible, Half the Sky, Infinitely More, Slave: My True Story, Sold, In the Shadow of the Banyan, A Thousand Sisters, Little Princes, The Whole Brained Child and There's No Me Without You

Sandra said...

How fun!!
Nicknames: emaus, hooty rim, sandy, hon, babe, mom
Books: I do not like to read at all so the bible is the only book I read.

L, Ann and boys said...

nicknames: An, Ann, AnRene (father in law, pronounced Reen with long "e":D), Annie, An-dru (my little brother until he was old enough to know it wasn't my name), Ann-bugs (my dad), totser, double tots and even triple tots... (Luke ;)

books: I have the GAPS diet book sitting on the desk here by the computer. I've read the first chapter and am interested in the authors experiences and plan to finish it. I want to read island of the blue dolphins with Adrian...he's a good age for it. :)

Staci said...

1. I don't have any nicknames! I've always kind of wanted one. I guess my dad called me "Fat Baby" as a baby and my kids called me "Big Mama" when I was pregnant. :/ Not exactly what I was thinking!
2. Right now I have Game of Thrones on my kindle which I probably won't finish. I'm also reading Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me by Mindy Kaling. Love her!

Angie said...

1. Buggie (bc when was born and even into my toddler years they thought I was as cute as a bug). Are bugs even cute?? Angie, bc lets face it, my real name is Angela, Ang.
2. I just recently went to the Hearts at Home Conference and bought lots of books (something I do every year and then never get around to reading them all); Real Moms...Real Jesus, Living with Less so Your Family has more, My Hearts at Home, No more Perfect Moms, No More Perfect Kids, Growing Grateful Kids, Do yoir kids a fabor, Love your spouse.....need I go on?? :-)
I enjoy readingyour blog and your daily adventures are inspiring.

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