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Random 10

My friend, Nikki Closser, who recently did a shoot of me asked me to come up with 10 things about myself that you probably don't know for when she posts the pictures.  I wasn't sure what you wouldn't know about me at this point since I feel like this blog is just one big open book.  However, I came up with 10, and thought I'd use them for a random Friday post.  I know I just posted answers for the 50 questions, so this feels like an overload of useless facts about me...the timing got a little off.  I promise, no more of this next week! :)

What are your Random 10?

1. I played soccer from the age of 6 to 18 years old, and never scored a single goal! Ha! Actually, I did one time but they didn't count it because the goalie had gotten flagged right before it.  I'd like to justify this terrible statistic by the fact that I always played defense...but I think I was always played defense 'cause I had little fear in the game and couldn't aim to save my life.

2. I almost majored in piano performance...but didn't because I never wanted to come to the place of hating it.  If there is one form of "art" I am most comfortable with...it's piano.  But it's probably what I'm also most vulnerable with, so no one but my family ever hears me play. I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't enjoy practicing.  My mom was a very great pianist...so in a weird way, I feel very connected to her whenever I play.

3. I always clean in numbers.  I load the dishwasher or clean my room, or fold laundry in numbers.  I'll do 10 or 20 of something, and then do something fun like check Instagram, or text a friend.  Then, I'll do 10 or 20 more, and find another reward.  Basically, I'm 5 years old.

4. I broke my right arm when I was about 6 years old, and have never been able to completely straighten it ever since.  I was trying to swing from one branch to another...thus, ending my Tarzan stunt double career aspirations right then and there.

5. One of my biggest guilty pleasures and time-wasters is watching interviews on Youtube.  I'll watch clips from talk shows, daytime or late night, Oprah, Larry King, Howard Stern, Barbara Walters, 20/20, people promoting their movies...you name it.  I'll often have that playing while I work on my laptop.  It's a little weird, I'll admit it.

6. Being raised in Japan, I didn't have a favorite Disney princess.  Instead, my hero was of a boy named Momo Taro who was a little warrior born from a peach.

7. I'm a descendant of Samurai.  Which means, technically, our family was once royalty...and mentally, I have a roundhouse kick you don't want to mess with.

8. I have this weird habit that began when we were on a family roadtrip to Arizona one year.  It's where I "jump over" mailboxes, light poles, and the road lines with my teeth.  It was a game I started playing with myself, and now it's a terrible habit.  I'd never heard of anyone else doing it until last year when I was watching an interview (ha! see, full circle!) with Hugh Jackman...and he does the exact same thing! Considering he's awesome, I now feel quite justified. :)

9. I have this thing with the time 11:11. I can't quite explain it.

10. Most people know I have a great interest in politics, but a lot of people don't know that I lived in Oklahoma City, OK as an assistant to a State Senator and then a State Representative.  I still keep in contact with a couple of them still.  I was going to run for office someday...don't laugh.  Just kidding you can laugh.

Have a great weekend!!


Staci said...

Love learning about you. We are kindred spirits!
1. I love reading about the Holocaust and WWII history. I will read any book and watch any movie on the subject. I also love reading about other faiths such as Mormon and FLDS.
2. I have a thing with numbers too. When time is 11:11 like you or anything with the number 4. It's my number.
3. Even though I have 3 kids I don't really like taking care of kids. God bless childcare workers! I could never do it.
4. I dislike cats but I love cats in design. Give me a hipster cat any day.
5. I love to learn about strong women especially photographers. Annie Leibovitz, Sally Mann, Vivian Maier, Dorothea Lange, Julia Margaret Cameron, Claude Cahun (saw her gallery at the Art Institute, so good!), etc etc
6. I originally studied science in school but changed my major to Photography. I still wish I could get my PhD.
7. My dream is to someday be on The Price is Right!
8. I would love to be a famous actress on the big screen. Just not sure it's in the cards for me. Haha
9. Another dream job would be to work on a Pixar movie. So fun and rewarding after all those years of work.
10. I love to laugh. The weirder the better. Just spent my morning laughing catching up on zefrank1 YouTube channel. I can waste a lot of time watching stupid videos but I justify it by throwing in a TED talk now and then.

Sarah said...

love how random these are.. #7 is so funny :)

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