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It was like a dream

You may have seen this video going around Facebook, but I just watched it this morning, and I ab-so-lute-ly fell in LOVE with these two!! If I could, I'd jump in the video, hug them both, and ask if I could be their friend! :) Oh my word...seriously, they're amazing.  As I was watching it, I felt like I could relate to both of them...the one that clearly isn't afraid of much, and the other who is...but they both jumped into an adventure and the result of it is one of the cutest things I've seen.

I love this little story they lived out because they were willing to do something that they'd never done.  I could immediately think of about 7-10 friends that do crazy things with me...and I suddenly felt very lucky. I love people who live life like this...and who I find myself laughing a lot with...like An + Ria! 


Daveana said...

Oh my goodness! I love them so much!!!

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