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Kayleigh {Fashion}

I couldn't have asked anyone more perfect than Kayleigh. She is one of the kindest humans I know and is the perfect combination of sweet and spice.

In wanting to shoot more personal projects, I asked Kaleigh if she'd let me practice with her...and as you can see, she agreed. ;)  

There's something very scary about trying something new. I make mistakes...a lot of mistakes.  I feel like an amateur all over again.  I am an amateur all over again.  But there's something very good that trying something new and messing up brings.  The perfectionist in me HATES...really, really hates feeling bad at something.  But what would scare me more is to ever let myself ever feel like it's too late to try something new.

Thanks so much for standing in front of my lens, Kayleigh...and for being scared with me. :)  You are a gem and the embodiment of acceptance and a safe place to fall.  These pictures mean so much more because it's you.  So much love for you, friend!!!


Lauren said...

LOVE THIS!!! Love that you are doing it and love these photos! Especially the last one. Beautiful. Dibs on being your next subject. :)

Tami said...

I feel like i should be calling dibs on you! Either way, youre next! ;)

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