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Thoughts from Yesterday

I have no set-up for this post...just random thoughts I had yesterday.

There is something about sour dough bread starter that creeps me out.  That, and cast iron pans.  Why is it that you have to feed one and can't use soap on the other?  I think there's something about how there's no clear end to either...the idea of feeding a vat of yeast to "keep it alive" could almost give me nightmares.  Unless I can pet it or talk to it, I don't want to feed it.  And how is the idea of cooking out of something that never gets a really clean do-over okay?  But don't get me wrong, I love sour dough bread, and I cook out of a cast iron pan.  I'm a complete contradiction with no morals in my food choices.

*My sister, Rebekah, making magic in the kitchen...I blame her.

Recently, some of the most profound lessons have come from realizing what a terrible dancer I am.

I would rather listen to "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" than just about anything else on the internet.

I really don't know much. At all, really.
I know VERY little.
I suspect the  m a j o r i t y.
I hope for the rest.

A bag of fruit snacks always leave me wanting just a couple more and happy that I had them.  They're basically the perfect size of packaging.

I think I literally heard my hair cry for a trim the other day.

I would try coconut oil pulling if it wasn't for the name...something about it...ewe.

I recently read that airlines are possibly going to start offering standing seating in order to fit more people on a plane:

Basically, we're now Ben Hur in the gallows of a Roman ship...and yes, I AM a little embarrassed that that's my pop culture reference.

Whenever I post one of these "Random Thoughts" posts, I read back over them and can see from the outside in, why I'm so quirky at times...okay, most times.  I'd try and rewrite it to make myself sound a little "cooler", but the bad thing about that is people eventually meet me, and I'm too lazy to try and live "cool" Tami...quite impossible really.  So, instead I don't edit and people avoid meeting me. ;)

Happy Thursday friends!!


Anonymous said...

Ditto on the oil pulling thing. The rest is all the reasons why i think you're pretty awesome!

Rebekah said...

This was so funny...and when Gare saw the picture of the standing up air plane seats he asked "Are those slaves?" haha.


Christen Leigh said...

I have many thoughts but my main one is WHO THE HECK would stand in an airplane?! I am obviously way to close to a recent 17 hour flight to think that is a good idea. I mean, I like to get up and stand....but you'd have to pay to to actually be forced to stand the entire time. Ha! Love the pictures of your sisters in the kitchen. You girls make me smile. :)

Pam said...

Love you, Tam!

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