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On the ride home from young group weekends, my friends and I used to play this game called Hi-Lows where we'd each take our turn in sharing the best (high) and the worst (low) part of our weekend. So as an ode to those good ol' days, I thought I'd start my own version of Hi-Low on this blog!


GNO: There's just something so refreshing about spending an evening with great friends, good conversation, tira misu, and coffee. I was honored to be invited for a Girl's Night Out with Kendra and Jessica! It was great to have honest conversation and catch up on eachother's lives!!! I've got my schedule out...waiting for the next one. :)

Bob's Your Uncle: I tried. I really did. For the past 8 months, I've been putting all my appointments in my iphone and trying to stay organized, but for some reason, I've put the dates in wrong on some important events! I can't take it. So, I got the best hand held calendar made by Bob's Your Uncle!!! Some would call it regressing...I prefer "doing what I know will work". Oh the joys of paper and pencils...I've missed you!

Gordon Ramsey: I'll admit it...I'm hooked. My computer at work can only handle 1 streaming video a night, and I spend that blissful 43 min. watching Chef Ramsey recover and save restaurants in crises on the show Kitchen Nightmares. Who would have guessed that there would be so much bleeping out on a cooking show...too bad. I'm officially a nerd...why don't you seem suprised? :)

It being Friday: My weekend starts early this week! I've packed it full of fun events...I'm sure there will be pictures to follow!

Lows -

More to Love: Speaking of streaming videos, my friend had me watch this episode called More to Love which is just like ABC's The Bachelor. However, it's for overweight people. The bachelor stated that he's over 300 lbs. and all the girls are noticeabley overweight as well. Seriously, I can't figure out whether to laugh or cry for these contestants...not because of their weight but because they are all crying constantly and were saying how they want to find someone who can look past their weight, but all they do is TALK ABOUT THEIR WEIGHT. The show went as far as to have their weight listed by their name each time they had an interview. I couldn't believe it! I think they're trying to take a mentally healthy perspective on these reality shows...but in my opinion, they missed the mark with this show!

Coffee: I love it, but it doesn't keep me awake! This point was made very clear when my supervisor startled me when he asked me a question. He was kind and acted like he didn't notice I'd fallen asleep...but I know he couldn't have missed it since my head was literally laying on my desk. Oh the joys of humility. :)


Janet Mamagee said...

Jeff told me of this thing called caffein sling shot. You down a shot of expresso and immediately sleep for 15 minutes. By that time the caffein as kicked in and you are good to go!

Haven't tried it yet, but sounds like fun...

megs @ whadusay said...

Yeah, Coffee doesn't work for me either, but Tea on the other hand, especially iced tea for some reason works like a charm. I can't drink it for dinner or I won't be able to sleep!

I think I just saw Gordon Ramsey on our "nightly news program" ;) ;)
trying to teach the host to make Baked Alaska - it was hillarious!

Heidi Rink. said...

I will have to watch the chef show that you like so much...sounds fun!

I have no tips on staying awake...I haven't figured it out yet.

kasey said...

High- Having so many great memories with Tami!
Low- Wishing we were still making memories.

I miss you, friend!

smw said...

i've never left pen and paper. perhaps i never will. it just works for me. :)

Anonymous said...

tami you make me laugh...
i think if photography does not work out for you (which i hope it goes wonderfully), you need to write a column for a newspaper. i love reading your blogs. always a highlight!!


Jessica said...

I dont know how I missed this post but I did ;) I loved our GNO too! Cant wait for another one!

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