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One thing I'll miss quitting 3rds...

...the sunrises.


Happy Weekend!


Rebekah said...

that's gorgeous!!

I'll you in on a secret...the sunrises are there every morning...even when you don't work thirds! he he :)

Sarah said...

So funny. Last Friday night after we were in bed and quiet, I just started laughing out loud. Klint wondered why I was laughing. I told him just thinking about those 3rds stories you were telling us about sleeping. Struck me so funny..STILL stikes me funny!


Brooke said...

I said the same thing about starting work at 6am... for some of the year I'd get to catch the sunrises. I will miss your third shift stories and other fun stuff though. :)

Tami said...

Bek...who am I? You and Leah?! :) I'm guessing I'm not going to see 3 sunrises a week that last a good couple hours...but you never know! Maybe I'll start to get to see sunsets!

Sarah and Brooke, you're right, I'm going to miss the 3rd shift stories too!! :) I've said before that I will NEVER regret working that job...especially 3rds...because of all the great stories and experiences it's brought!

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