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Tuesday Night Singin's

Why I got to be a part of this, I don't know. Every week that I'm with them, there's always a moment or two that I fear one of them is going to look at me and the lightbulb will blink on as they say, "Hey! Why are you here?!" So, I keep my mouth shut and hope they never notice that I'm completely how out of my league in musical talent! I really have thought before that they must have accidentally called my number, but so far, no one has noticed, so I'm not going to mention it!

I've said before that Called to Worship practices are one of the highlights of my fall and spring because it's basically, having a good ol' praise and worship singing every week with great musicians and friends.

This past Tuesday, they let me practice with a new lens I'd just gotten, so here's a peak into what my Tuesday nights are like!

*Danielle and Justin are a part of this but they weren't able to be a practice this past week.

Called to Worship is October 30th at Normal Community High School...we'd LOVE for any of you to come and bring friends!

The guys.

The dyno duo.

Always smiling!

In his element.

Self portrait.


smw said...

so far it has never worked for us to come, which bums me out. i think it sounds so wonderful. someday.

Rebekah said...

I am secretly envious of your tuesday nights! I have no desire to be on the stage the night of call to worship...but think it would be so fun to sing and jam with these guys every week. i'm glad you get to do this! and you should quit sayin you aren't qualified to be in this group. you are.

Bethie said...

this is awesome!! soo wish I could hear C2W!!

Whitney and Isaac said...

I wanna come! What time does it start Tam?

Kasey said...

Tam, I am so bummed that this is falling on yet another night that I cannot attend. You really must check with me before you schedule these!!! I have been dying to come to one of these for years. I will make it someday!!! Sounds like fun practicing every week.

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