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Product Review - The Color of Grace

Usually, with my product reviews, I'm not being serious, but I actually am on this one. Not sure why I'm putting that under a "warning", but just thought the seriousness may throw you off a bit! :)

I love makeup.  
It's been a hobby of mine for years...it's so fun for me to read about it, buy fun products, and try new colors.  I was recently in California where we found this shimmer from Philosophy. Now, my experience is that it's difficult to find a good shimmer because they can either come off as glittery (not a fan of people having to wipe glitter off my face as I talk to them), really thick, or even just very pigmented.  I think shimmer is fun as long as it's subtle and sheer.  Well, that's just what I found in this shimmer called "The color of Grace".  It even has a very faint scent of Philosphy's grace perfume in it. Every time I put it on, I feel like I'm brushing on some pink shimmer dust that makes me feel very feminine...and I'm always looking for ways to be more feminine as I'm not naturally.

So, for you ladies who were looking for a good shimmer, this one comes with a high recommendation from yours truly.

Happy Weekend!


Tara said...

Good think you swapped with my mom's so the Grace isn't crooked in this photo! haha

jessica leman said...

that sounds lovely! I want some!

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