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If you've lived with me you probably know this one thing...I LOVE to buy in bulk.  Why? I don't even know.  I'm convinced that Sam's Club has found its success on the weaknesses of people just like me.  Show me one jar of pickles and I don't need them, but plastic wrap it with two and suddenly I dream of making sandwiches. This spills over into cooking in bulk...Trust me, if you boil an entire bag of potatoes on Monday and by Friday have eaten them mashed, hashed, fried, french'd, soup'd, sliced, diced, and baked...they tend to lose their appeal.

Anyway...the other day, I made a trip to Sam's Club.  I was going because I was craving me some Redvines...the big tub of them.  However, I thought I'd redeem the situation a bit by buying sensible items like toilet paper and laundry detergent.  Then, I wandered into the snack isle and felt it would be beneficial to our apartment of 2 if I bought a huge tub of cheese puffs.  This led to a box of 60 granola bars, 2 huge bags of tortilla chips, and a case of microwave popcorn.  Once I had loaded up on those necessities, I headed for the candy isle.  However, they've rearranged and to my HORROR, I couldn't find the candy section to save my soon-to-be-salt-induced life! Did they get rid of it?! How is this possible?!?! Isn't the very purpose of Sam's Club's existence so that candy could be bought in large quantities?!?!  Calm down...take a deep breath...because no worries...I FOUND IT. Thank goodness because I was just about to overreact. 

This led to massive amounts of Redvines, Laffy Taffys, and 30  packs of Gum.  About this time, my cart and budget had run out of room so I asses the situation. I made the logical decision...I promptly put put away the toilet paper and laundry detergent.  I would have tried faking some embarrassment had I not had such a big grin on my face from the pure delight of my purchases. I knew I had made the right choice.

This past Sunday, I had to make a "quick" stop at Sam's Club.  When I came home Leah asked what I had bought...I sheepishly said, "I have a problem" as I revealed my 18 in. tall container of Pub Mix to which she replied, "Wow...You really love to buy in bulk."


emilykate said...

Yum, I need to come visit again. :) I agree, there's something really fun about Sam's...it's a good thing I'm not a member!

Kristi said...

Ok, I know where to come for the snacks!

Alissa said...

This is so funny! I loved your "I was just about to overreact" line.

Sarah said...

YUM!!! I love how you put back the "practical" items! :)

I would love to be your roommate - have fun, Leah!

heidi said...

Tam, and you always wondered why we would laugh at things you would do. I also thought it was hilarious how you put back the practical for the fun stuff.

leah said...

it's true every one, it's true! :)

wahoo to cheese puffs & pub mix! wahoo!

Rebekah said...

I think I may need to sneak down and steal some pub mix...with that much, you'll never miss it will you!?

Kasey said...

Man, I miss you! I really need to see you sometime soon! And by the way, if you come visit, bring some of your goodies!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, Tami, I am laughing so hard that I am crying right here in my classroom! SO FUNNY. I have to will myself to stay out of the candy aisle there!

Ben Lug.

Tara said...


You discovered the Pub Mix too??? Amy Spangler and I literally devoured a whole container of it at Abby Kauman's birthday party and literally dreamed about the stuff for weeks! We had to find out where Candace had gotten it! When I found out it was Sam's, I scoured the store and almost lost hope when it wasn't with the snacks but much to my delight it was back with the chips!

Just a side note, those oriental crackers that literally put the Pub Mix on the map can be found at Fresh Market in a large bin all by themselves. Just saying! haha

Oh and I totally would have put back the practical stuff. A girl after my own heart loving to buy in bulk! How have we never known this about each other or gone to Sam's Club together?? You know our house goes on a rationing for toilet paper all the time! hahaha

Tami said...

Um, you all are making me feel a little better about myself!! I recently discovered that Cheese Puffs and my stomach are not the best of friends, so pretty sure those are going to be appearing at a Teen Night near you. Oh, and if you happen to have a child in my sunday school class, you're also going to be seeing a huge Laffy Taffy bar in your child's hand as those and my scale apparently aren't best friends either. :(

jessica leman said...

that is too funny! Now I know why you offered to bring "bulk" snacks for our next settlers night :)
And girl...you and I could down a tube of redvines in no time...my FAVORITE! I also think its great that you put back the tp and detergent for the sake of the snacks :) l ove it!

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