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Tami's Take - FAQs

A part of me has a bit of a gag reflex as I begin this post as there's a voice in my head saying,

"Who do you think you are? 
You don't really know anything to be doing a FAQ post."  

On the other hand, I really enjoy reading people's FAQs and learning from them, so with that said, I thought I'd post my first FAQ post...if it goes well, this may be a feature.  If it doesn't, we can all just act like I never posted this and there may be that awkward blog silence...and I may not be able to make eye contact if I see you :) I'm kidding...but really, let me know if you want to see more FAQs just so I know if I should keep posting these.

So, for starters, I'll just post FAQs that I've gotten from people...if you have any questions you feel like asking, feel free to post them in the comment section, ask me when you see me, or email me at : tami@tamipaigephotography.com  and I'll post it in a future post!  They can be in regards to anything...photography, random fact, or just whatever pops in your head. I'm a very open book!

I've also decided that the 5th question is going to be a random question that I'll answer but then I think it would be fun for all of you to chime in and answer in the comment section! 

1. What camera do you shoot with?

I currently shoot with a Nikon D2X...I got this camera in October of 2009 but couldn't get up the nerve to use it until last August when I did this shoot with my nephew...

2. I'm wanting to take a picture that clicks as soon as I hit the button...what camera would you suggest?

I get this question a lot and I have to admit I don't know all the ins and outs of cameras and how they take as I went from a point and shoot to a semi-professionaly camera.  So I can only speak from my experience on this...my first camera I owned was a Nikon D90.  It's a great camera...up until my last wedding I shot, I took all my weddings with this camera.  It's been faithful and I owe my business to that camera.  I don't know Canon as well, but know they make a camera called a Rebel...I think it's a little more expensive than the Nikon D90, but from what I've heard and read, it's a great camera as well!  A great investment on either camera if you want great images of your children.

3. Do you and your roommate, Leah, eat dinner with Matt and Rebekah?

This would probably rank as the #1 question I got in 2010.  It always made me laugh as I couldn't figure out why people would ask this until I realized people are picturing us sharing a living space...so let me explain...we rent out their basement.  We have our own entrance through the garage and in our basement, we each have our own room, we have a bathroom and kitchen so we can go weeks where we don't see Matt and Rebekah except at church!

4. Are you glad you quit your full-time job and do you miss it?

I can honestly say that there has not been one second where I have regretted quitting my job or have missed it.  I miss my friends there, and come summer, I'm going to miss my pool pass...but no, I have no regrets in taking a chance at failing or even better yet, succeeding at something I love.

5. Okay guys, here's the question we'll all answer...

What food combinations have surprised you by being delicious?

Wow, first I post about all the food I bought at Sams and now this question...I promise I just pulled this up on a random question app I have on my phone! Oh, who am I kidding...I love food! One combination that I LOVE is kettle corn and chili fritos...yum-o.  The other that I love that sounds weird is popcorn and a glass of milk. Ah-mazing! 


Matt & Bekah said...

Hi! Love reading your blog from Bluffton, IN! :)

My Mom used to make crackers, cheese & marshmallows (saltine crackers, a small slice of Velveeta cheese, and half of a large marshmallow, all lightly broiled/toasted) for an after school snack for us - it's FABULOUS! Sounds kinda gross, but it's a great combination of sweet/salty/savory.

When we were little, my Mom would serve us milk to drink with homemade pizza. I hated this! I thought she was ruining the treat of having homemade pizza, but now I LOVE milk with any red-sauce Italian dish! I think it mellows out the strong flavor of the sauce. (I hated milk when I was little, and am still not a huge fan otherwise.)

I guess I'm learning that Moms become wiser the older we get!

heidi said...

I am not much of a weird foods combo person...at least I'm not creative enough to think of things. But when I read the question, I was going to say Kettle Corn and Chili Frito's. Mmmm...brings back memories.

Rebekah said...

Grahm crackers spread with peanut butter...tastes like a mouth full of peanut butter captain crunch! so good!

pickled beats with goulash? Do you remember how I always felt like it wasn't as good with out the pickled beats? So weird but so good!

Vanessa - Lynn David Handbag Co. said...

Okay, so for me there are two weird ones:
Colby cheese + mustard
Canned green beans + A1 steak sauce

Let me explain the latter: Growing up mom frequently served canned green beans with steak. So A1 steak sauce inevitably "touched" the green beans on my plate and viola!, a weird food combo was born! :)

Also a not-so-weird one: Raspberry + Marshmallow milkshake. Yum!

taryn said...

Oh, fun! Love it Tami. I have an answer to your food question, of course!!

OK, here it is... I LOVE it, and a lot of people think it sounds awful but I think it's perfectly delicious:

Combine the following in a blender...
frozen strawberries
Greek yogurt

I like mine to be a chunky yet smoothie-like consistency. I top it off with banana slices and granola. It's the perfect (somewhat healthy) snack!

Sarah said...

I must not be a crazy eater b/c I can't think of anything, but growing up, my family (NOT ME!) ate cottage cheese and applesauce together. gag!

Loved this post - so great.

I don't really have a question...more of a request (that's scarier, isn't it?) I'd love to see you do a make-up demo on the blog!

Tara said...

Um I'm pretty sure I asked if you eat dinner with Matt & Rebekah and so did Kait! hahahaha Too funny.

As far as weird combinations, I like chips on my sandwich at Jimmy's, but only there. I then realized that what I really like about it is the shredded lettuce, the mayo and the chips together, so something I just make myself a "salad" with chips and mayo as my dressing. Wow that sounds gross just writing it down! haha

Tami said...

Okay, that's it...I'm trying these!!! Possibly a future blog post?! I LOVED these answers!!!

jessica leman said...

I love the FAQ posts...keep them coming!
food combos...popcorn and m&ms...
graham crackers with vanilla cream cheese frosting...ranch wheat thins with melted shredded cheese on top dipped in taco sauce...YUMMY!

M Photo Contests said...

This is really good, especiall on a hot summer day! My Grandpa taught me this, and it sound gross to me at first I believe but it is really good!
Find a small cantaloupe cut in half, take out the seeds- then use the half of the cut cantaloupe as a bowl, put vanilla ice cream in the middle, its amazing!

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