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Fresh Paint

There are times I still feel like I'm living in a college apartment because our furniture doesn't match and everything feels a bit disjointed.     
So, I've decided that I'm going to make sprucing up our home my summer project!

This weekend, I started with the cheapest and most obvious project...the fireplace.  

My sister, Heidi (check out her blog here) told me how to paint a fireplace and suggested this warm shade of white.

28 hours later, I now have paint all over my hands, in my hair, and on my clothes, but I've got a very satisfied expression as I sit on my couch staring at the fireplace like it's a very white newborn baby.  Amazing the wonders that  a coat of paint can do!

Before (L)  and After (R)

The mantel decor is still a work in progress...probably my next project. :)


heidi said...

Love it Tam Tam!

emilykate said...

Love it! Nice work!

Tara said...

Very nice! Quite the upgrade! :-)

Rebekah said...

i'm amazed at how much better it looks...i just may have to do that upstairs!

jessica leman said...

Perfect! Love it so much, so bright and happy!

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