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Once Upon A Time...

In March, I went out to California with my cousin, Tara  and to my complete DELIGHT, we ended up in Disney for a day...

 I hadn't been to Disney since I was 3 years old...This was us on the trolly ride to the park. Apparently, I'm still 3...as you can see in my eyes, I was pretty sure all my dreams WOULD come true. Tara apparently knew better.

In front of the castle...was wishing that my little nieces were with me as I don't know anyone who loves to make believe as much as they do.

The teacups...pretty sure Tara and I spun ours the fastest when you compare it to the people in the background acting like they're at a day spa. Clearly, they've missed the point...or perhaps I have a Peter Pan complex...hmm, that could be.

Well, if I do, so does Tara!

Try not to be overcome with my apparent zeal for It's A Small World
...actually, what I'm probably thinking is, 
"Really?! Every other country gets some massive room and Japan only gets three geisha girls bowing over a doorway?!" Come on, Walt...what' up with that?

I'm afraid to say  I wasn't even kidding in this picture. I wish I was.
Let's just put it this way...it takes a special person to be my roller coaster riding partner as I tend to leave quite the impression with all those around me. My sister Rebekah taught me the technique to riding rides, and it usually involves a face similar to this one.
Disclaimer: If you're a bride-to-be and I'm booked to be your wedding photographer, let me offer some comfort in saying that I rarely look this frightening and promise I'll do my best to avoid making this face at you while you walk down the isle!


heidi said...

Such a funny post! Can't wait to someday go again.

Jill said...

I remember riding teacups with some certain Inoue girls at Six Flags. You all were crazy!!!!

I LOVE theme parks too! Andy does not get why :-)

Rebekah said...

so funny Tam...I'm proud that you continue to hold true to the "waiting to be patented" Techniques of Riding a Coaster without Puking in the End! I still think I just need to scream like mad on the tea cup ride and swing ride next time I ride those since those were the two rides that left me reeling!

...and seriously, was the Japanese display in the Disney in Tokyo the same way? I can't remember!

Tara said...

At least you look terrified. I just simply look possessed. haha Fun times!

Bethie said...

did you notice the women behind you on the teacup ride? they're enjoying you more than the ride itself!! they're even taking pictures (and no doubt photo blogging about you crazy girls when they got home....)

Kait H. said...

i love this post. ps your hair looks real good in a pony tail :)

noah wieder said...

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