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Off to camp.

Recently, I had to ship both of my cameras off to be fixed...
I drove to Peoria with them and as I was walking out of the
 oddly, I felt like a mother who just dropped her boys off at camp.  

I keep wondering how they're doing.  
Is everyone treating them with care? 
Am I going to regret having sent them 
are they going to come back being better for it?  

They've been calling me with updates on my boys and I'm always anxious to hear how their progress is
...Hmm, now that I think of it, "camp" sounds a lot like "rehab".  


M Photo Contests said...

: (
I'm sure it will be worth the wait! Missing the pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

This is so funny! You made me laugh:)

heidi said...

You are so funny! I actually had to have one of mine fixed back in the day and I felt the same way...I had to drive all the way to Springfield for mine though! Didn't know there was a place in Peoria for the delicate things.

Kait H. said...

tam this made me LOL! im sorry that you under so much stress. I will pray for your boys.

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