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And then there was...WON!!!

It's taken me ages to post the winners of the Lying Down Game because I had such a hard time picking a winner!!! I wish I had 10 categories...most artistic, most colorful, most commitment, most public, most dangerous...but unfortunately, I don't.  So, with that said, here are the entries submitted...

Just have to give a special shout out to Anita and her 4-H students...they were the first submissions and they went ALL OUT!!! I LOVED IT!!! What an awesome leader and group of students...really. I actually was trying to figure out how I could give them a special prize for just being so awesome...but couldn't think of anything, but if it means anything at all to you, you absolutely made my day that you took the time to do these on your trip!!! 
Thanks for the submission, Anita!!!

This is great...I love ones done in public!!

I love these where they're laying on top of something very unexpected!

Would have loved to hear what the people around them are saying!!

I love these simple ones too...something about them makes me laugh!

This picture was taken in front of the Chicago Field Museum!! Apparently, Matt (her husband taking the picture) was waaaaaayyyy more embarrassed than Bek (laying down)!!
Bek, I love the pink coat!

I loved this picture because I keep imagining that treadmill accidentally getting turned on!! The laying down pictures that make you think, "But what if..." are so creative!! I loved it, Miranda!

Leave it to Imagine Artists to make their laying down pictures super cute and artsy!!  Story has it that the picture of them in front of their studio caught the attention of their lawyer across the street and one of their clients driving by! What great sports!! Very "Imaginative", Taryn and Kristi!!

So drumroll please

This picture was the runner up for 1st place and I thought deserved an honorable mention as I think this picture took the most mental and physical commitment!!  Um, she was VERY close to winning this and was awesome for doing this!! HA-larious!

So I wrestled over which should win, the snow picture of the following one and finally chose this as the winner...simply because there are so many things about it that I find so funny.  From the fact that he's in a puddle of water (including his face), to his crocs (has nothing to do with layind down...crocs just make me laugh), to it snowing, to knowing he's doing this for his wife!!! So funnt...So, kudos to Clint for being such a good sport for doing this!

The random draw winner is my roommate, Leah...or Where's Waldo! I promise you, it really was a random draw and not rigged!!!

I had a BLAST looking through these and THANKS A TON to everyone that did this!!! This is a contest that I'm going to bring around again simply because I find it so hilarious, so if you didn't enter this time, keep your thoughts moving for the next time we do the Laying Down Game!!! And if you DID  already enter...you've got a head start in knowing how to do this!!!


Mindy said...

oh my word - these are HILARIOUS!!!! I think you picked the right winner - Go Klint!! These inspired me enough I may have to enter the next one... :) Such a fun game Tam!

leah said...

oh man, this was too funny! klint, you are awesome! he (& sarah) deserved 1st! and i'm beyond excited that i won the random prize! wahoo! :) awesome game tam!

Sarah said...


I can't believe we (uh, I mean Klint) won!

After we took this picture, we walked into the house and Klint (soaking wet and FREEZING cold) looked at me and said, "I can't believe I did that for 'cute' NOTECARDS." LOL

How fun! Loved seeing everyone's entries. So thankful Liz didn't break something climbing that tree! Haha!

Thanks, Tami!!!

Sandra said...

so fun!! I wish I had a creative streak in me cause I wanted to think of a good picture to send, but never did. Guess I'll keep my thinking cap on:).
These were GREAT!!

Kait H. said...

hahah that just brightened my morning! loved them all. i really liked the stairs one too!

M Photo Contests said...

Loved them! Laying in a puddle should def. win cute notecards! :)

vballsetter said...

My 4-Hers had a ball taking all of their photos, but I think they are enjoying seeing them on your blog almost as much! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey now, the only problem with my crocs is they had holes in them.

The water was pretty stinkin' cold, but the most enjoyable part was trying to drown myself to get the prize.

Anyway thanks for a great challenge!


Jill-AKA Snow Girl said...

Yay! Thank you for appreciating my creative sacrifice...twas rather chilly... I was very red afterward.

teresa said...

such creative entries. thanks for posting them.

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