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Chad and Christen {Engagement}

We shot early in the morning, but you'd never know it with these two.  I was trying to wake myself up as we walked around...but it's worth it as there's just nothing like that morning sunlight.  I know that it's my job to make my subjects look good, but Chad and Christen, you were such naturals, you ended up making me look good...thanks for that!  ;) 

Gorgeous...yep, both of them.

 I saw this interaction between these two (on the left) a lot throughout the weekend! Very sweet.
So, Christen made the comment to me before the shoot, "Um, I'm not a photogenic person so you may need to coach me through this"...let me just say, no coaching was necessary. 
Chad, dude, you know how to bring it! 
Christen, you're an absolute beauty. 

Love these two!!!  
They're getting married in just a few weeks and 
their wedding pictures are being taken by DeLisa Photography. I'm excited to see the beautiful wedding and their wedding pictures! Congratulations!!!


arlan and katie said...

Great job Tams! You did a beautiful job capturing their love :)


leah said...

as always, tam, you rock.

love this pictures--chad & chris--you guys are great!

Kristen said...

So many comments, that I don't know where to start! You did a great job of capturing their personalities and interaction! I love the one of them laughing together. So typical!

Alesa said...

Tami, you are AMAZING!! I think that every time I see your work, I just don't comment as much as I should. :)

Sandra said...

super duper pictures as always!! When did you take these? I know this is a random question...but did you drive by my house around 2pm yesterday? (i was mowing).
Looking forward to Chad and Christen's wedding!!

smw said...

these are SO great. they just make me smile and feel all happy inside. :)

Rebekah said...

these are all so gorgeous!! Great job!!

emilykate said...

You're right, not hard to make these 2 look good...but you did an awesome job!

Whitney and Isaac said...

So sweet. Such a sweet couple- And such striking features!

Jon y Amy said...

Tami, you always do great work and these make me smile! Good job!

Heidi Rink. said...


Susie said...

As Chad's Aunt I have to agree with you Chad definitely knows how to "bring it" . We are all in love with Christen she is as sweet and kind as she is beautiful!! Great job with the pics I recognize the settings.
Susie T.

Alexis said...

Beautiful pictures :):) definitely naturals:):)

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