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David + Heather {Engagement}

"So, I'm calling 'cause I need to update you on something..."

"I know! I heard! You're dating Heather!!"

"Yeah! Tami, it's going awesome.  I think I'm going to propose to her soon...I need some suggestions on how to do it."

(Insert a lot...and I mean, a LOT...of "Oh my word"'s and "Whaaaat?!?!"'s)

I think that's how the conversation went. :)

I'd known who David was since he was probably around 10.  He had the lead in a play as Robin Hood.  He killed it...pretty sure he got a standing-O.  Between that stellar performance and college, my memories of him are pretty few but I remember talking to him at The Cabin during our ISU days, and a friendship was reborn.

However, it's really been the past couple years where David has become one of my closest friends.  I don't get to see him all that often, but he's one of those that we pick up right where we left off.  I've had some of my most honest, real, and open conversations over an eggs-benedict or a Panera sandwich with him.  He's honest, open, and really...and I mean really listens.  He's been like a brother to me through some difficult times, and has pushed and affirmed in a very profound way.  I find that I tease him mercilessly...and he's always a great sport about it.  He pursues friendships and I'm so glad he did, 'cause I don't know that we'd be friends.  I honestly just can't thank him enough for his friendship...it came at a time when it meant the world to me.

I remember when David first mentioned Heather to me...about a year ago.  I'd known Heather for quite some time as well...I'd known her as my friend's younger sister.  As this sweet and kind of quiet girl who I'd always wished I knew better.  When he would describe her to me, he'd use phrases like, "I trust her.  I'm confident in her. I don't doubt who she is."...and of course, "gorgeous."

Since getting to be around her and talk to her more, this quiet sweet girl has become a confident, beautiful woman who is very steadfast.  Her conviction in life is very apparent.  I told her that she's one of the few people I feel like I can say I've watched "grow up".  She was just enough younger that I remember her as a "little girl" and then seeing her years later as this woman...kind of a neat moment.

I think I used the word 'surreal' a dozen too many times...but that's what it was.  I was finally (sorry, David, but it's true) shooting David's engagement session.  This friend of mine who had so much love to give, finally had his girl by his side, and he's so completely in love with her.  That, my friends, is fun to watch.

I asked them over lunch to tell me something they've learned about love since finding each other.  David said, "I've learned that death is a prerequisite to love.  You have to die to yourself in order to fully love.  Just like you have to die to go to heaven, sometimes we're so stuck in our idea of love or the dreams we thought we had, that we won't let those go...but if we'd only let go of that idea, we'd realize there's something so much better."  He said, "I've also realized that sometimes what we want is right in front of us...but we never bother to see it."
Heather said, "I've learned that love feeds love.  The more you love God and people, the more it fills you up and you can't help but have it pour out onto others."  She had told me that during this past year, when she didn't know where things were going, she kept wanting to live in that "...but then" stage...where she got the end of the story.  But she realized that she was living in the "...yet God" stage, where even though she couldn't see the end, she still trusted.

David + Heather,
I celebrate you...and with you.  I couldn't imagine being happier for two people, and I was so honored to be able to spend the morning talking, laughing, and documenting this love you share.  I adore you both, and can't wait for August 9th.  I know it'll be a great day, and I can't wait to be there with you!



emilykate said...

Killed it. Beautiful.

Ryan Greenleaf said...

You are so talented Tami! Love these.

leah said...

oh my. these are just awesome! what a neat couple!

Mindy said...

I got teary looking through all these. Love these two so much!

Brooke said...

I teared up reading this... you did an amazing job! So beautiful... and you captured Heather's inside and out beauty perfectly!

Tammy said...

I love LOVE absolutely everything in this post! Words and pictures!

lisa schwarz said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! And loved the sweet words accompanying these photos!

Rebekah said...

these are great Tam!!

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